With reports of online sales breaking the £1 billion mark in 2008, it’s more important than ever for online marketeers to identify common pitfalls that can detract from an excellent online customer experience.

In the UK, around 75% of people go online during the day. More people look at the web than any other advertising medium.

the wow factor

We believe in great solutions that are technically sound. However, the fact remains that you have less than 3 seconds to impress a new visitor when they visit your site. Custard can help you to find the new opportunities in the growing online market. Great design and stability depends on a firm base, with stunning visuals that provide the ‘wow factor’ to make visitors stay on your site.

Our design team can create the solution which best visually captures your brand and the objectives of the site.

Custard has its own website design studio where our team of experienced designers and online technicians can

create your site for you.

Alternatively we can update an existing site to give it a fresh appealing design with the latest technologies, such as HTML5, WordPress and Adobe Edge.  Our field sales team would be happy to to discuss any web requirements your business may need.


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