We all should have good discipline, step back and look at every aspect of a business with a truly critical eye, but in the rush that is this game we often do not do so. That’s where we come in!

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We bring fresh experienced eyes, coupled with our knowledge of how to grow membership and leverage income through green fees. We carry out a complete or partial audit of your club, course, clubhouse facilities and importantly your marketing communications.

Our services range from a one off operational review, through to supplying complete management contracts.

Your golf course is unique - great character, great location, great amenities and a fantastic reputation. This must be reflected in the way you promote, advertise and market the business. We strongly believe this coupled with consistent communication is the key to success. After a review of your facilities and requirements, we will prepare and present a proposal which will generate more business in all areas of the club.

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We have our own design studio with over 20 years experience in design which will supply promotional packages that will get you noticed, from designing websites to producing a humble business card, to direct mail to complete advertising campaigns. Let us help co-ordinate and produce a promotional package that will get you noticed. Based on our audit of the club, we will start the process by designing a range of materials for you that includes branded score cards, green fee vouchers, gift vouchers, brochures, promotional business cards and headed paper.

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Pereto’s law says that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients. This is true of golf clubs too! So we need to get the other 80% of members to use the club more regularly. Newsletters are one method of keeping members in the loop with information about events, activities, clubhouse menus and many other activities the club runs throughout the year.

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